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Bricasti Design System 3

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Bricasti Design System 3

System package with one M10 and three M7-M processors, Complete with 10m serial cable, and 2 x 25 cm interconnect cables.

The Bricasti System 3 digital reverb and remote package puts the amazing sound and functionality of three world-class effects units at your fingertips — even if your rack is out of reach! The System 3 includes a trio of Bricasti's rackmountable Model 7-M "mainframe" reverb units, each of which give you a range of incredible reverbs and 100 great presets. They're controlled by the Model 10 reverb remote console. This compact desktop remote has all the functions you need to get the most out of your Model 7-M units, and its easy-to-read screen lets you know what you're dialing in, at a glance. Don't settle for less; put premium reverb performance in your studio, with Bricasti's System 3!

Bricasti System 3 Digital Reverb and Remote Controller Package at a Glance:

World-class reverb performance for your studio

Designed from the ground up for premium performance

Take complete control of your reverb

World-class reverb performance for your studio
Bricasti's Model 7-M digital reverb effects unit gives you first-class construction, high-resolution performance, and amazing ease of use — all in a very compact, single-rackspace design! Designed specifically for use with Bricasti's M10 remote, this blank-panel "mainframe" Each Model 7-M reverb features dedicated analog and digital sections with dedicated power supplies, 100 presets, an impressive array of analog and digital I/O options, and the kind of amazing reverb that makes this box an instant "go-to" essential in any studio. This system also includes premium M7-SC serial cables, so you can link your Model 7-M units together. The M7-SC cables also come complete with a terminator plug for the last unit in the chain.

Designed from the ground up for premium performance
Each design element of the Model 7-M is a carefully considered statement of Briscati Design's vision of what the evolution of reverberation processing in its most classic form can be. With a deep appreciation of the best designs which precede it, and a passion for moving the science of reverberation forward, the Model 7-M provides a palette of sounds that encompass the familiar as well as new expressions in the art.

Take complete control of your reverb
The stellar Model 10 Reverb Remote Console gives you the ability to control up to eight Model 7 or Model 7-M reverb units. This flexible functionality enables you to use Bricasti's premium reverb in environments such as surround mixing. To ensure years of reliable service, the Model 10's casing is milled from solid anodized aluminum, which perfectly matches the look and feel of the Model 7.

Bricasti Design Model 7-M Digital Reverb Features:

100 Unique reverb presets

True Stereo Reverb Process

Classic and Modern Presets; Halls, Plates, Rooms, Chambers, Ambient Spaces

12 Parametric Program Parameters

100 User registers

Dual Dedicated Power Supplies

Custom design toroidal transfomer linear supply for analog

High performace switching supply for digital

Separate Digital and Analog modules

Non corrosive Stainless Steel chassis and top cover

Milled anodzied aluminum front panel and knobs

Postive feel 2db stepped analog input level control


Handcrafted in the USA

AES 24-bit Digital I/O

AES single wire 192k supported

Self-clocking to incoming sample rates 44.1k to 192k

Six State-of-the-art dual core Analog Devices DSPs

< 20 Picoseconds Jitter

Input level adjustable in 2 dB steps

Balanced XLR analog I/O

24-bit conversion

Dual D/A

Fully-balanced, DC-coupled analog input and output circuits

Bricasti Design Model 10 Reverb Remote Console Features:

Custom-milled solid aluminum casing and buttons, fine finished and anodized for an enduring design and classic look

Controls up to eight Model 7 or Model 7-M units

Connects to the first M7 via RS422 9-pin serial cable, 10-meter cable provided, up to 30 meters that is 480L compatible and simple to install, with no practical distance limits

Simple serial 'loop thru' for connecting more M7s, connect to the first and loop to the second, and third, etc.

DC power is supplied from the M7 through the cable, no wall warts, or external supplies

Eight meters, for four stereo pairs, metering four machines at a time

Machine selection is by dedicated Machine key in the M10

Same clear easy to read displays as used in the M7

Same user interface as the M7, with the addition of Machine and Setup keys, so no need to learn something new

Simultaneous control of the M7 from both the M7s front panel and or the M10 with a lockout

Setup key for the M10's local memory, configurations, and settings

Bricasti's System 3 Digital Reverb package gives you a trio of world-class reverb units plus hands-on control! Specification Detail
Processor Type Reverb
Number of Channels 2
Presets - Factory 100 Factory
Presets - User 100 User
Analog Inputs 2 x XLR
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR
Digital Inputs AES/EBU
Digital Outputs AES/EBU
Other I/O MIDI In/Out
Computer Connectivity No Computer Connectivity
Rackmount Spaces 1U
Height 1.75"
Depth 11"
Width 19"
Weight 9 lbs.
Notes Includes 3 x M7M Reverb, 2 x M7-SC Serial Cable, and 1 x M10 Remote Control
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