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EAW NTL720 Black 230 VAC

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EAW NTL720 Black 230 VAC

Though so small and light that we’ve nicknamed it the ”baby” line array module (BLAM for short), the NTL720 is absolutely packed with a seamless integration of fresh design ideas and some of the most significant advances pioneered by EAW over three decades.

A foundation of the NTL720 is an EAW hallmark: a true three-way design delivering big-time performance with maximized vocal clarity. Next, the entire enclosure face is filled by a full-sized mid/high horn providing 110-degree (horizontal) by 12-degree (vertical) dispersion. First applied with our lauded KF Series line arrays and KF750 Series concert systems, the extreme horn size insures broadband pattern control throughout the entire MF/HF pass-band.

High frequencies are produced by six 1-inch dome tweeters, configured in two vertical columns (each with three tweeters) mounted on a manifold that feeds a single slot in the center of the horn, highly effective in controlling vertical dispersion.

Flanking the HF section, dual 6-inch cone woofers handle the MF range, also loading on to the horn, with minimal space between the MF and HF components enhancing coherency and improving overall off-axis response. Further, our Concentric Summation Array (CSA) technology, developed for the acclaimed AX Series installation loudspeakers, greatly minimizes interference to the HF.

Topping it off, Phased PointSource Technology (PPST) forms array modules into a single acoustical element, while Divergence Shading technology, utilized in the KF760 Series, has been applied to further attainment of even sound pressure levels over distance.

The LF section features the Phase Aligned driver approach developed for the KF730 Series, with both 6-inch LF drivers in a side-mounted “figure-8” configuration that extends horizontal pattern control while directing more acoustical energy on axis. The response of the MF drivers is also extended down to 100 Hz, furthering low-end presence and impact.

The onboard self-powering technology, developed and proven in the NT Series, has been further extended for the NTL720. It includes three individual modified 500-watt Class-D (digital) amplifier modules tailored for their respective subsections (LF, LF/MF, and HF, and these are also precisely matched to their own digital signal processors.

Headlining the processing is EAW’s revolutionary EAW Focusing™ alignment and driver processing algorithms first unveiled in the NT Series and now available via the UX8800 digital processor. EAW Focusing™ eliminates the traditional characteristics of “honk” and “splashiness” to produce horn-loaded performance comparable to premium direct-radiating studio monitors.

EAWPilot control software provides comprehensive DSP control as well as monitoring of amplifier status; when connected, all NTL720 loudspeakers comprise a network in which EAWPilot recognizes each individual loudspeaker as well as arrays acting as a single unit. Not only does EAWPilot assist in optimizing a wide range of parameters, but its Wizard modeling software helps in automatically configuring array DSP for optimal performance fitting specific audience areas, greatly simplifying system setup and alignment.

Input selection provided on NTL720 cabinets is both simple and flexible – the user has a choice of analog, AES 1 and 2, and EAW’s proprietary U-Net. Drawn from the UX8800 and other EAW products, U-Net provides full digital control of each device in a system, including audio signal, processing parameters, routing – in addition to accommodating the Smaart tuning and analysis platform.

Communication connection options also include U-Net, as well as a USB port on the back panel for interfacing with the DSP. Each back panel also offers HF boost and nearfield contour controls, along with a range of LED indicators for signal, limiter, clip, input selection, U-Net status, amplifier status, HF boost engagement and nearfield contour engagement.

One of the most exciting aspects of the NTL720 is its proprietary FastLatch™ integral rigging system. Representing more than two decades of tireless effort in getting this crucial facet exactly right, the rigging design offers an easy, convenient “hinge-and-latch” approach, with the essential components being two heavy-duty hinge mechanisms on the back of each cabinet and a latch mechanism on the underside of each cabinet.

Splay angles (a choice of 12, 9, 6, 3, and 0 degrees) are easily selectable by carrier brackets that accompany the hinges. And, the flybar can also be used as a stable, safe groundstack platform.

The rigging design also allows individual components and even entire modules to be replaced within built array structures, whether flown or stacked. Two plug connectors that directly connect the amplifier module to the PCB inside of the cabinet ensure a solid, lock-tight fit and eliminate the hassles of cable connections. Finally, cabinets are finished with our tough RoadCoat™ weather-resistant textured finish that is highly scratch-resistant, and the grille is durable aluminum.

The NTL720 encompasses the creative thinking and hard work of the full force of EAW’s engineering team over the course of more than a quarter century. Small stature notwithstanding, it’s the seamless integration of truly big performance audio ideas.

NTL720 Features  

True 3-way design
Extremely small (9.4” x 24” x 14.3”) & light (less than 50 pounds)
Patented & proprietary EAW technologies: CSA, PPST, Phase Aligned, Diversity Shading, Beam Forming/Array Shading, and more
MF/HF horn spans entire enclosure face
Three 500-watt Class-D amplifier modules
EAW Focusing™ - Performance comparable to premium direct-radiating studio monitors
Digital inputs - Accepts AES/EBU and EAW U-Net digital audio
EAWPilot software - Comprehensive computer control of all parameters
Simple, convenient FastLatch™ rigging scheme
All components field replaceable in flown/stacked arrays
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